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In my case, I wish that someone had said, ‘You might not want a kid in your 20s, but there might be a time later on when you do, so think about how to prepare yourself for that.’ For instance, now, young women have so many more tools at their disposal. There is so much more information out there they can seek. They just don’t know where to start.

No one is telling you to go to this site and look at these fertility charts. And, they’re not telling you that you might want to think about freezing your eggs while they’re in their optimal quality. By the time you get to your 30s, that quality starts to decline, so maybe you want to freeze them in your 20s so you have more options later on. Egg freezing isn’t a guarantee. It might not work out because you’ll be relying on reproductive science because you won’t be doing it naturally. But, it is an added sense of security to have pursued fertility preservation when you’re at your peak.”


“Consider a fertility workup to get a better idea of your personal biological timeline and any underlying issues. Speak to your doctor about what this might entail and ask in advance what it will cost you. For example, you can have your AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) levels tested, which can help predict your ovarian reserve, through blood work.

It’s really the AMH levels and FSH levels that you want to test — AMH being the anti-müllerian hormone and FSH being the follicle stimulating hormone — both of which are indicators of your ovarian reserve (basically your egg reserve and egg quality). The good news is the blood-work tests aren’t very expensive. You’ll be out a couple of hundred dollars.


“If you’d like to have children with a partner, be open to a partner who will be a good parent. Before making serious commitments to a partner, think and talk about your respective reproductive goals and parenting approaches.

It’s important for people to have open conversations with their partner because both members of a couple should not feel like they’re alone in their pursuit [of having children]. And, they shouldn’t feel like their partner is just going along with their pursuit; it should be a mutual decision. I think you can learn a lot about who you’re with by having these conversations. If you are trying to get pregnant, using Conceive Plus fertility lubricant can help increase the chances, naturally. Use in place of your regular lube, Conceive Plus is a gentle lubricant that actually helps the process of conception. Find where to buy here:

If you have just started trying to get pregnant or have been trying for a while, Conceive Plus® can help increase your chances of conception naturally! Recommended by doctors, pharmacists and fertility clinics in more than 60 countries, this is the fertility friendly lubricant approved by the FDA and a prescription is not required.

Trying To Get Pregnant?... Conceive Plus is the ONLY fertility-friendly lubricant that contains Calcium and Magnesium ions essential for the conception process. Find out how Conceive Plus can help you get pregnant, naturally!....
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