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User Iron Worker Local 84

Member for: 8 years
Type: Registered user
Full name: Lil-Bitt!
Location: for right now Alexandria, Louisiana. i travel alot due to work
About: 21 years old, Union Apprentice Iron worker out of local 84 Houston Texas. Been to San Fransico, California, Pismo Beach, California, and Sandiago, California. West Monroe, Louisiana. Also been to Texas about 8-9 times. Houston,Texas of course. Bay City,Texas, Texas City,Texas. And last but not least been to Orlando,Florida. Tallahassee,Florida. and Perry, Florida!
Which there is nothing in Perry,Florida. Got a fractured back in the L-5 area actually more than one fracture in L-5 area. It's painful but i deal with and live with it. there are days im hurting so bad i cant get up out of bed. i fractured by back when i 17 years old im 21 years old now. and the fractures are still not healed up. i have a compressed disc in the L-5 area which is pinching my nerves. i just do what i have to do to survive and that's work. So when someone freaking twist's their ankle and says its the worse pain someone can have, eh wrong! try live with a fractured back with more than one fracture on the spine in the same area, that's the worse pain, it hurts worse than actual breaking of the bone and takes alot longer to heal then what an actual break would take to heal. Anything else ya wanna know about me ask, maybe i will tell, maybe i wont. I don't know

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